Together, Go2Zero & GreenEducation.US offer a number of educational solutions—workshops, courses, and seminars for your organization to license and customize. These solutions enable you to…

  • Easily implement your brand and information on excellent, high-quality content.
  • Confidently deliver reliable education offerings rapidly to your target audience.

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Compost Workshops For Cities, Communities, & Schools

  • Complete educational package for backyard bin or worm composting.
  • High quality visual flipcharts or presentation slide deck.
  • Instructor guide with detailed script.
  • Student resources.
  • Hands-on activities.
  • 1-2 hour workshop formats available.
  • Available for presentation online or via virtual meeting.

Master Composter Course

  • Certifies residents, teachers, & community leaders as mentors and teachers for worm, bokashi, and backyard composting.
  • High quality visual flipcharts or presentation deck.
    Instructor guide with detailed script.
  • Student homework builds expertise through hands-on application and real-time coaching.
  • Certification exam.
  • 20 total hours of instruction can be delivered in 2-4 hour segments in person or 1-hour virtual training sessions.

Drought-Tolerant Landscaping, Southern California Only

  • 1.5 hour workshop covers basics of drought tolerant landscaping to help residents and small business transition to lawn-free landscapes.
  • Learning objectives Include basic landscape design, plant selection, irrigation, rainwater harvesting, integrated pest management, and organic gardening.
  • Detailed instructor guide includes script and additional resources to build instructor expertise.
  • High impact flipcharts printed on long lasting banner material for hundreds of uses in low-tech environments.
  • Hands-on activities build learner engagement.

School Food Waste Recovery Program

  • Presentations for elementary, middle, and high school audiences.
  • Presentations for staff, students. and school families customized to your school’s needs.
  • Student leadership programs.
  • Best practices, student training, and support materials for building student leaders for lunchroom food waste recovery programs.
  • Utilizes customized approach to standardized programs to facilitate application for awards, grants, and recognition through various state and national programs.


Zero Waste Business

This business-focused workshop, planned for a minimum of 25 participants, will explore the triple bottom line:

The People, Planet, & Profits of Achieving Zero Waste. Case Studies will be used to demonstrate the potential and impact of Zero Waste initiatives. Tools for getting started will be shared.

Education Support Services

  • Event Planning & Outreach
  • Train the Trainer Workshops

Zero Waste Living: Community Engagement

“Pop up” education! Micro learning in micro environments. This complete package is ready for your next Farmers’ Market, Chamber of Commerce meeting, School Assembly or Conference.

5-5-5 Training: 5 minute lessons on 5 rotating topics for 5 participants at a time.

  • Foodwaste Diversion: Solving the Hunger Crisis. 
  • Organics Out of Landfills: Composting at Home.
  • Breaking up with Single Use Disposable Plastics: Creating the Trash-free Meal.
  • Who’s Packin’? : Reducing Packaging You Bring into Your home.
  • Coffee without the Cup: Impact & Alternatives to the Paper Coffee Cup Boom.

Each package includes:

  • High energy, comedic instructor script for each micro lesson. 
  • Prop basket for immersive learning.
  • List of sustainable, reusable products to sell, if desired.
  • Learning support resources: flipcharts, handouts, signup sheets.

Zero Waste Living: Immersive Experience

A 1.5 Hour workshop of reducing waste in everyday life. Content includes:

  • Livin’ Zero Waste: A workshop for community members who want to learn more about the hows and whys of reducing waste at the individual level. 
  • Waste Not, Want Not: How sustainable resource management is the pathway to a vibrant future, not just the purview of mystics and hermits.
  • Dis’n Disposables: Alternatives to the Throw Away society—from bags to straws to phones to fashion. Check out alternative products and ideas to reduce waste.
  • Recycling Myths & Legends: What’s in/What’s out/What happens. Recyclable sorting games get participants hands-on with knowing what’s recyclable and how to reduce contamination.
  • Explore the Zero Waste Home: Visit each room of the house and discover how to eliminate waste in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and yard.
  • Reuse Crafting: Explore new and creative ways to reuse and upcycle items destined for the landfill.

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