About Go2Zero

Go2Zero Strategies is an independent consulting firm that specializes in Zero Waste, recycling, solid waste management, and resource management strategies for businesses and communities.

The diverse customer base of Go2Zero includes municipalities, businesses, hauling firms, non-profit organizations, purveyors of events & trade shows, and educational and training institutions. Our consultants can help your organization with a variety of projects and programs, large or small.

Always striving for excellence, Go2Zero has been recognized as the Small Business of the Year by the California Small Business Administration; a winner of the WRAP-Waste Reduction Award Program by the California Integrated Waste Management Board; and as Honoree for Environment & Sustainability by Women in Business.

Go2Zero Expertise & Execution

  • Compliance & Regulatory Assistance: AB 939, AB 341, AB 1826, and SB 1383
  • Municipal Program Support: auditing, reporting, education & outreach, and business technical assistance
  • Education & Outreach: workshops, webinars, social media, and community engagement events
  • Zero Waste Planning for businesses and communities
  • Proposal and Grant writing
  • Zero Waste event management
  • Sustainable Education: Out-of-the-box programs and custom development

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