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Edible Food Recovery Flyer

Edible Food Recovery Brochure

Residential Annual Notice

Flyer for Food Donation Law in California for City of Lancaster
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Annual Notice for Services for the City of Pico Rivera
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Cart Hanger, Front & Back

SB 1383 Guidance, Spanish

SB 1383 Guidance, Chinese

Preparedness Flyer for SB 1383 in Spanish, for Monterey Park
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Mill Valley, CA: Organics & Recycling Program

Oceanside, CA: Food Scraps Training Videos

Training for Offices & Retail Businesses
Training for Food Service Establishments
Right Sizing: Whiteboard Animation for the City of Oceanside

GreenEducation.US Digital Learning Template

GreenEducation.US creates fully customized digital learning modules to help organizations learn at their pace, at their place.

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GreenEducation.US creates custom videos for education & training.

Careful: Don’t Contaminate Recyclables!

About the CSRMP

GreenEducation.US Email Campaigns

We design & create art and content for digital communications campaigns that our clients syndicate via email, social media, and the Web.

GEUS Seminar: California Legislation

The SWEEP Standard: Solving the MRF-Municipality Disconnect

C&D: Recycling Deconstruction,
Salvage, & Reuse

NRC Presents: Infrastructures
Bills in Congress for Recycling

GEUS Course:
Introduction to Zero Waste

CSRMP: Spring Enrollment

NASA recycLA Newsletters & Special Notices

Fall 2021

Summer 2021

Spring 2021

Winter 2020

Flower District
Dia de los Muertos 2021
Special Announcement

Labor Day 2021
Service Announcement

Flower District
Mother’s Day 2021
Special Announcement

Container Contamination Reduction
Special Announcement

recycLA University Videos

recycLA University provides information to businesses and multi-family dwellings to optimize recycling and waste collection services. Developed through the collaboration of the City of Los Angeles and the recycLA Service Providers, recycLA University provides essential information on how to sustainably manage resources and successfully divert waste through waste reduction, reuse, and recycling programs.

Smart Gardening Newsletters

Final 2020
Smart Gardening Newsletter

September 2020
Smart Gardening Newsletter

August 2020
Smart Gardening Newsletter

July 2020
Smart Gardening Newsletter

Smart Gardening Videos

Pre-recorded videos of webinars offered live up to 180 times per year to residents of Los Angeles County, CA.