Zero Waste Project Manager

Jonathan Levy, Zero Waste Project Manager at Go2Zero, has worked in operational excellence and supply chain management for more than 10 years. His depth of experience includes supply chain optimization in warehousing and distribution, to extensive waste characterization analysis and zero waste education and outreach. This foundation was the basis of shifting his focus from traditional to circular supply chains.

For multiple years, Jonathan has been the face of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works’ Smart Business Recycling Program, conducting waste characterizations and outreach to more than 350 businesses in unincorporated Los Angeles County. He has overseen the transition of more than 2000 businesses into the City of Los Angeles’ recycLA program.


Judi Gregory, owner of Go2Zero Strategies, LLC, has worked in the recycling and solid waste management field for over 30 years. In 2013, Go2Zero was awarded Small Business of the Year by the California Small Business Administration. Senator Portantino’s Office recognized Judi as a 2018 Woman in Business Honoree in Environment & Sustainability.

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Her experience includes work in various industry sectors with a strong focus in solid waste operations, Zero Waste planning, and educational design and development. Ms. Gregory has an extensive background in operations and management of waste hauling and recycling firms, and from 1998 through 2012 owned a Los Angeles-based hauling firm, Global Waste Recycling. In this capacity, she was responsible for setting up recycling programs at some of the largest movie studios in the world, including Paramount Studios, NBC, ABC, CBS, and Warner. From 2005 through 2013 Judi worked as the Interim Executive Director and Certification Manager for the California Resource Recovery Association.

Talking Trash & Recycling with Judi Gregory - Zero Waste Director
Manager of Educational Programs

Jill Donello partners with organizations to analyze systems, processes and people to increase efficiency and reduce waste through system redesign, training, education and change management programs.  Jill has more than 20 years of experience in the design and delivery of content-live, filmed, written, and animated to diverse audiences in multiple industries.

At GreenEducation.US, Jill brings new sustainability professionals together with industry experts in waste reduction and business redesign to create a training ground for those who wish to lead the Zero Waste economy in the future. Through education, application, and implementation, GreenEducation.US guides students and partnering organizations to achieve Zero Waste goals. Jill became one of the first certified TRUE Advisors through GCBI.

Project Manager

Cory is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Asheville, with a B.S. in Environmental Management & Policy, and minors in economics and mathematics. He worked as a Project Coordinator for the UNC Asheville Student Environmental Center, overseeing educational waste-reduction events and coordinating with faculty to improve sustainable resource management. Thereafter, became the Route Assistant at Orange Recycling Services and gained an in-depth understanding of the physical and economic aspects of the recycling industry. Cory committed to pursue a career in sustainable waste management, which encompasses sustainable behavior, environmental justice, education, and economics. He became the Waste Reduction Intern at UNC Asheville, working to educate peers on waste reduction strategies, perform waste assessments, and develop and maintain the university’s vermicomposting (worm composting) program. In his free time, Cory works to improve his own at-home vermicomposting system, practice the bass guitar, and play ultimate frisbee.

Zero Waste Associate

Edgar Villasenor has more than 13 years of customer service experience, spanning from food service to grocery service. His waste reduction work began in 2017 as a crew member at a local Trader Joe's grocery store. There he took a leading role in the newly implemented organics composting program. This included monitoring the amount of organic waste being produced and educating order writers on how to reduce organic waste. This helped him obtain his position at Go2Zero Strategies.

Edgar is part of multiple projects for waste reduction and sustainability practices. He has managed successfully to educate clients around Downtown Los Angeles on proper waste management, and to identify their compliance with state laws such as AB 341 and AB 1826. He provides assistance on reducing waste in a number of Vallarta supermarkets via waste assessments. Edgar also plays a key role in educating residents of Los Angeles County on sustainable and ethical home garden practices.

Zero Waste Associate

Marlene Gonzalez has worked in the customer service field for 19 years, spanning retail, hospitality, marketing & promotion, and education. As a driver’s instructor, she educated new motorists on driving protocols and safety measures, in groups and individually. Her expertise provided a segue into her position as a Zero Waste Associate. She educates and trains businesses of different sizes. Marlene is confident, knowledgeable, and continually seeking new and efficient ways to communicate with her diverse customer base.

Marlene has been at the forefront of Los Angeles’s recycLA program, implemented in July 2017. She assisted commercial businesses and multi-family dwellings in the transition by right sizing trash services and adding recycling and composting bins. She works with customers to identify their compliance with state laws such as AB 341 and AB 1826. She is passionate about educating the public on how to reduce its environmental footprint.

Zero Waste Associate

Ana L. Garcia has worked with low income families and communities for more 15 years in the nonprofit sector. She began as an Outreach Specialist, in the East Los Angeles and Boyle Heights communities as well as in other underserved communities in the greater Los Angeles area. Her experience includes outreach/community canvassing, community liaison, program and events coordinating, and conducting presentations and orientations, counselor for at-risk youth and a FamilySource Center coordinator.

As an Outreach Specialist, Ana worked at the front lines to assist families and communities with housing, food banks, clothing, application assistance for Medi-Cal, CalWorks, CalFresh, and Metro Bus coupons. She has also assisted youth engagement in their communities as part of a counseling program that included beautification projects, mural painting, and youth-on-youth mentorships. Her experience has brought her to her current position as a Zero Waste Associate. Canvassing communities, she is training and educating to raise awareness on Zero Waste and Sustainable Resource Management. She knows how to relate, build rapport with customers, and show care for the communities she serves.

Zero Waste Associate

Nicole Hernandez, Zero Waste Associate, has worked in food waste recycling and solid waste management for the past year. Her experience consists of providing solutions to organic waste diversion in service of residences, commercial businesses, and special events.

In 2018, she assisted in establishing the standard operating procedures for organics waste management at a major athletic stadium, which held large-scale events for up to 100,000 attendees. During this time, Nicole has hosted a number of community sustainability events for which she provided education and ou­­­treach materials regarding California State legislation AB 1826 and SB 1383. Additionally, Nicole is proficient in various methods of food waste recycling and has provided leadership and instruction at multiple composting workshops.

Zero Waste Associate

Cyrus Javaheri is the Project Lead in downtown Los Angeles as part of the recycLA program. He oversees the Go2Zero recycLA team in continuing with the education and outreach to the businesses in the area and assists with reducing their waste and footprint on our planet. He and his team are currently the face of recycLA within downtown Los Angeles’s business community, helping them maintain compliance with all California state laws such as AB 341 and AB 1826.

Cyrus has decades of experience in customer service and people relations. He has been a banker, educator, construction project manager, and a Zero Waste Specialist. He is an educator at heart and in every career, his focus has always been to steer students and clients to do the right thing for humanity and the environment. Cyrus holds a BA in philosophy with a minor in mathematics from California State University Northridge, and an MA in educational administration with school leadership from California State University Los Angeles.

Waste Sort & Zero Waste Outreach Lead

Elsie Lopez is a Waste Sort & Zero Waste Outreach Lead with more than three years of progressive experience in Zero Waste + Sustainability. She has engaged in hundreds of waste characterization studies and sorts for multiple clients, including but not limited to, the City of Glendale, CA; the University of Southern California; the recycLA Franchise Program for the City of Los Angeles, CA; and Petco Park.

Prior to joining Go2Zero, Elsie attended the School of Agriculture at California State Polytechnic University at Pomona, majoring in Food Marketing. A strength that she brings to our team and clients includes experience in community outreach, which spans direct contact, event planning, event execution, social media, and correspondence. Elsie also is skilled in account management having worked as an educational admissions liaison to ensure parents/caregivers had accurate information and support for student enrollment. Elsie volunteers with Students Run LA, a non-profit organization that engages her mentorship skills in helping students increase individual responsibility, discipline, and goal setting via completion of the Los Angeles Marathon.

Elsie is a Certified Sustainable Resource Management Professional via San Jose State University.

Zero Waste Associate

Lauren Yang is a Zero Waste Specialist with experience in management of organic materials and sustainable resources. For Go2Zero, Lauren provides outreach to businesses to facilitate their compliance under the auspices of California State Law, SB 1383. She has participated in large-scale waste material characterizations and collected data from businesses and multi-family complexes in support of service provider transition. Lauren also works for Compostable LA to process residential food waste for the creation of compost.

Prior to Go2Zero, Lauren honed supply chain management expertise while working for the US Agency for International Development. At USAID, she supported the coordination for shipment of health commodities including antiretrovirals, antimalarials, and COVID-19 ventilators to partner countries, primarily in Africa. Lauren also provided quality assurance of logistics documentation. She has provided Zero Waste program support and administrative leadership through different education and promotional programs for the Center for Autism & Related Disorders, the UCLA Krieger Child Care Center, and the UCLA Graduate Department of Urban Planning. Lauren remains an avid volunteer for Heal the Bay and volunteered at E3: Ecology, Economy, and Equity. She has served internships at the US Department of State Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs and the Fair River International Association for Development.

Zero Waste Associate

Jonathan Caplan has joined Go2Zero as a Zero Waste Associate after multiple years of working and volunteering in Zero Waste. Jonathan worked as an instructor with Sustainable Works, teaching its Green Living workshops to students and residents of Santa Monica. He has served as a Zero Waste specialist at numerous events, including GreenFest LA, Lightning in a Bottle, and the ESPY Awards. Jonathan also performed waste audits for Los Angeles County. For the entertainment company EcoSet, he worked alongside food catering and craft services to compost organics and donate surplus food for distribution to the hungry. He helped set and art departments to rehome pieces and unused materials.

Jonathan takes simple, personal actions to live a Zero Waste life, including the use of his reusable stainless steel water bottle, a foldable food-grade silicone container, and a foldable steel fork – items that he carries in his bag wherever he goes.

Consultant, Master Gardener

Erin Harris is a certified Master Gardener through the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources Cooperative Extension. She maintains her status by volunteering at school and community gardens for 25 hours per year in addition to 12 hours per year of continuing education.

As a Master Gardener, Erin has planted, maintained and harvested dozens of gardens throughout Los Angeles County, on behalf of Heart Beet Gardening, Grant Elementary School, Palos Verdes School Gardens, Wilshire Boulevard Temple, Lawndale School District, and Netiya. Her passion for the last seven years has been garden education, and she has developed garden curriculum tailored to students of all ages, placing an emphasis on practical skills, healthy food preparation, and composting organic waste. As part of the LA County Smart Gardening program, Erin teaches residents throughout the greater Los Angeles area about the importance of reducing food waste, composting, and employing the principles of organic and regenerative gardening.

Zero Waste Associate, Communications

Myrna Gold, Zero Waste Associate, has communications experience across numerous industries, including public health, technology, and publishing. Myrna develops content for marketing programs of Go2Zero and GreenEducation.US. She provides research, writing, social media campaigns, and strategic communications consulting. She is a Certified Sustainable Resource Management Professional, CSRMP.

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