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Just for you: This page puts together some amazing resources on gardening. Here, you can register for Virtual Smart Gardening Workshops provided by LA County Public Works. And below, are linked web sites, online videos, and podcasts to keep you engaged to sharpen gardening knowledge. 

So dig in, register for a FREE Smart Gardening virtual workshop, explore the gardening resources here, and let’s grow together.

LA County Public Works Launches Virtual Smart Gardening Workshops

Via virtual workshops, attendees can learn to garden and reduce waste during 60-minute sessions, all taught by a Master Gardener. Attendees to these virtual workshops have exclusive access to purchase compost bins and other gardening supplies at a reduced price.

The three available workshop curricula include Introduction to Composting, Water-Wise Gardening, Organic Gardening, and Small-Space Gardening.

Introduction to Composting

Learn about backyard and worm composting to create a rich soil amendment to nourish your garden.

Water-Wise Gardening

Create a beautiful drought-tolerant landscape and learn about grasscycling to fortify your lawn.

Organic Gardening

Build healthy soil, grow herbs and vegetables, and address plant pests and diseases using organic methods.

Small-Space Gardening

Learn to grow plants in containers and set up a small-space worm composting system.

Handy Downloadables for Gardening in LA County

Cool Season - Organic Gardening

Click on the lettuce to download a helpful worksheet on growing lettuce in cool planting seasons. Bring it to your local nursery to get recommendations for a lettuce variety that fits your needs and has been cultivated to address common issues in your zone.

Click to download this Advanced Workshop Notebook. Track beneficial insects. Plan a beautiful drought-tolerant landscape. Learn more about composting at home. See important resources for gardening in LA County.

Warm Season - Organic Gardening

Click on the tomatoes to download this worksheet on planting this favorite fruit in warmer seasons. Bring it to your local nursery to get recommendations for a tomato variety that fits your needs and has been cultivated to address common issues in your zone.

Click to download this Smart Gardening Guide - Fanbook. It's full of quick reference tips that will really up your gardening game!


For your continuing gardening education: This section unites web sites, videos, and podcasts to provide education in sustainable gardening methods with an emphasis on growing your own food for resilience. We’ll update this list regularly as notable new resources become available. 

Web Sites

Backyard Composting & Smart Gardening. The City of Monterey Park publishes this easy-to-follow compilation of information on backyard composting. 

Back to Natives Restoration. Back to Natives assists in the recovery of Orange County’s biodiversity through the restoration of open spaces, and the development of habitat gardens. Its environmental education programs educate students and community members about the importance of native plants and biodiversity. 

A Beginners Guide to Permaculture. This quick read offers an easy-to-digest and non-intimidating overview of the concept of permaculture, and hot it can work in any environment or space.

California Organic Gardening Club. COGC is a not-for-profit organization located within Orange County. COGC was established in 1989 by a group of dedicated gardeners committed to organic methods. Although meetings are cancelled until further notice, the web site offers the ability to subscribe to a monthly newsletter, publishes organic gardening posts, a photo gallery, and gardening news and information.

Change Making – Joanne Poyourow. Joanne is the founder of the Environmental Change-Makers community group and a founder of the Community Garden at Holy Nativity Church in LA. Her web site has a section on organic vegetable gardening, featuring topics including seedling care, what she’s planting and why, resources for soil building, and resources for permaculture.

Gardening in LA. Master Gardener Yvonne Savio blogs regularly on topics pertaining to gardening in SoCal. She provides incredible detail to help ensure success for everyone from the novice to the pro, and the site also includes a comprehensive month-by-month planting guide and job listings for those working in the gardening space. Savio is based in Pasadena so her month-by-month planting guide is suited to the inland/San Gabriel Valley climate.

How to Plant an Urban Garden. This easy-to-follow but robust introduction to urban gardening with an emphasis on working with limited space and/or limited sunlight comes, surprisingly enough, from Fast Company magazine. 

LA Garden Blog. David King, another local gardening expert, shares his own month-by-month gardening tips and updates on gardening events and educational opportunities throughout Los Angeles. King is based at the Venice Learning Garden so his planting guide is more suited to the milder Westside climate.

Loop Closing. Loop Closing helps organizations regenerate our soils, environment, and communities by composting food waste on-site where dumpsters and trash cans once stood and returning the finished compost to our soils closing the ecological loop. We operate even in dense urban environments reducing existing pest and smell pressures from current food waste practices for around the same cost of what we spend now exacerbating these and other harms. Together we can reverse climate change and soil loss, reduce pollutants, and address environmental, socioeconomic, and racial justice.

National Public Radio – Composting at Home. If you’re one of millions stuck at home because of the coronavirus, you may be cooking more than you’ve ever cooked in your entire life. And maybe, as much as you’re meal planning and reducing your food waste, there are certain things you’re just not going to eat. There’s a solution for your home food waste that doesn’t involve landfills: Composting! Plus, keeping food out of landfills can help fight climate change.

North Carolina State University Extension, Composting. The Extension program of NC State University offers a number of online resources for various composting education and application. This platform offers online courses in a variety of subjects, including gardening and nature-oriented classes. Courses are offered by experts in their respective fields, targeted toward K through 12 students, and charge a modest fee for a series of lessons. This is also an excellent resource in general for families with kids who are out of school due to the epidemic.

ParentCircle – Teaching Children About Harvesting Rainwater. A simple and easy way to learn AND teach about water conservation from ParentCircle online.

Pat’s Garden Forum – Pat’s Southern California Organic Gardening. Pat Welsh is an Emmy Award-winning garden writer, author of books including Pat Welsh’s Southern California Gardening: A Month-by-Month Guide, TV performer, and professional artist. Her website offers an extensive collection of information and advice that she has compiled on gardening for most of her life in San Diego, CA. Her site is highly organized and provides a Q&A feature that enables gardeners to post questions.

Seed Library of LA. The Seed Library of LA is a community organization that lets members exchange seeds.

Teaching Kids about Permaculture. The Permaculture Institute provide this nice online guide with six tips for teaching children about permaculture.

Tenth Acre Farm. This Web site shares tips for applying permaculture design to small-scale residential spaces: backyard gardens, front yard edible landscapes, and suburban micro-farms. It shares the author’s passion for discovering ecologically friendly techniques that are easy to maintain and increase biodiversity. 

Urban Famer | Love the Earth. On the Zone 9 Planting Calendar of this web site, visitors will find a great vegetable planting calendar guide for Southern California and similar climates. It will help gardeners of all skill levels get the most of their gardens.

Online Videos

California Gardening. This YouTube channel introduces viewers to the joys of growing vegetables, fruits and flowers and includes how-to videos to take your gardening skills to the next level. Grow your own food and get great tips and DIY solutions for your garden. 

California Garden TV. Beginner and experienced gardeners will find these videos helpful to take their gardening skills to the next level and have fun! 

Epic Gardening – Survival Gardening. In this episode by Epic Gardening, learn about nine easy crops to grow in a survivalist setting: beans, corn, squash, cabbage, potatoes, kale, sweet potatoes, lentils, and various herbs. 

Epic Gardening Channel – Southern California/San Diego Gardening. The Epic Gardening YouTube channel is all about making urban gardening fun and simple so that you can learn to grow fresh good year around, regardless of where you live. This channel has been live since 2013 and content is cross posted on multiple social platforms.

Nature’s Always Right – Urban Farming. Learn about regenerative agriculture, market gardening, and how to DIY. This channel takes you on a market garden journey, as the content provider, Steven, shows how he built his agriculture business from the ground up using no-till, beyond organic, zero-pesticide techniques and built most of his infrastructure from recycled materials. There are tons of techniques, tips, and tricks to grow veggies, build soil, raise chickens, control insects and care for trees using 100% natural techniques.

Morag Gamble: Our Permaculture Life. Morag’s channel offers a wide variety of videos on these topics – simple living, permaculture, growing food, edible & medicinal plants, compost & worms, practical gardening tips, off-the-grid living, nature kids, education for sustainability, and fabulous interviews.

Quick Crops For a Coronavirus Garden. “Garden Nerd” Christy Wilhelmi shares some excellent, easy-to-follow and accessible information on exactly which crops to plant/sow for a quick harvest so that you can count on fresh food during lean times. 

Suburban Homestead. This is the video journal of Siloé Oliveira, providing a chronicle of his urban garden through the seasons. In Season 5, he covers starting a new garden, repotting into recycled containers, sowing salad greens directly, and building a raised garden bed from reclaimed fence boards. 

Urban Homestead. This is the YouTube channel of the Dervaes family. Since 1985, this family has been pioneering a self sufficient life in the middle of the city. They believe the most radical thing someone can do is either grow their own food or make dinner at home. With this mission in mind, their community outreach was seeded in 2001, inspiring millions worldwide to take small steps towards a more sustainable life. The Dervaes family has been featured on OPRAH, ABC Nightline, CNN, CBS Evening News, KCBS, KCAL, National Geographic Channel, and VH1. 


The Beginner’s Garden Podcast. The Beginner’s Garden Podcast with Jill McSheehy provides easy-to-understand tips, information and resources to help beginning gardeners get the most out of their gardening adventure, whether it is big or small.

Epic Gardening. This podcast is a daily gardening tips and advice show by Kevin Espiritu, an urban gardener, hydroponics enthusiast, and all-around plant lover. Every day, a gardening question gets an answer in a fun and informative way in under 10 minutes. 

The Joe Gardener Show. Joe Lampl has been gardening for most of his life. His content is nationally syndicated and his Web site is rich with resources for getting your life started in gardening. 

Let’s Argue About Plants. This fun, informative podcast tackles all things topical in gardening. Listen to the insights of Editor-in-Chief Steve Aitken and Senior Editor Danielle Sherry as they discuss various horticultural subjects on a deeper level. Hear from today’s leading horticultural minds who will offer wisdom and opinions about what to grow in a garden. Listeners will be entertained and feel like better gardeners.

Urban Farm University: The Urban Farm Podcast is your connection to the food revolution with twice-weekly conversations with some of the best and most innovative regenerative farmers and home gardeners out there, interviews with up-and-coming urban growers, and inspiration from healthy-food visionaries around the globe. All podcast guests are making a difference to create a better tomorrow and we believe they will inspire you to do the same. 

The Organic Gardener Podcast. This podcast promotes earth friendly gardening and sustainable living, helping to create a brighter future for our children and our planet. OGP is dedicated to encouraging gardeners and people who want to grow food and flowers to choose an organic approach. It’s all about helping people build an organic oasis full of bee friendly pollinators and nutrient-rich soil. 

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